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Furnished Private Apartments
For area college students who want to live in their very own apartment quietly & peacefully, and NOT in traditional dorms or student housing.

Recommended by Past Students

We have been providing students with private, quiet residential apartments for 25 years. Hear why through the years students have been calling our apartment complex 'The Place To Live In Herkimer':

"When I was in a dorm, I got tired of my roommates partying and their friends always hanging around. So I moved in here. I have my own apartment that's nice and quiet. Now I feel like a real adult with a real life." - Herkimer Student

"I like having my own private apartment. The option of the rent being charged to my credit card automatically each month is excellent, because the credit card statement can go to my parents at home. And we did not have to pay thousands of dollars upfront for me to live here." - Herkimer Student

"It's nice and quiet here. I'm 24 and I want my degree. I don't want the distraction of my neighbors partying. These apartments are great." - Herkimer Student

"I love the fact that the building owner manages the apartment building and actually has his personal office next to the management office on the main lobby. He really cares about the tenants and the property and it's not just a property manager who is only worried about his commission. When I had a problem with a neighbor being obnoxiously loud he took care of it right away. Needless to say this neighbor got evicted because he would keep bringing all his loud friends around at all hours of the night. The landlord's active approach in managing this building is great! In any other place I would still have an annoying neighbor. Thank you management!" - Herkimer Student

"Last year I lived with roommates at another place and they totally ruined it for me, but I had already signed a 1-year lease and paid for the whole year, so I couldn't move out of there. This year I chose to live here, in my own apartment. I'm paying monthly instead of prepaying for the whole year - and I stay here because I want to, not because I'm forced to. What a difference! Now I have my own place and I'm doing great!" - Herkimer Student

"I am an international college student, and I cannot go home during all the vacations. I like how the college students who live here can stay in their apartments during a break and even after the semester is over, unlike the college students in the dorms, who have to go home. I can live alone in a normal apartment and like to be treated like an adult." - Herkimer Student

"It is wonderful to have my own apartment. I hated the other place I had the minute I got there. The night my parents left the entire dorm began to party, and it seemed like a nonstop party every night. My roommates would invite people who I didn't even know and they would all eat our food and even hang out in the bedroom I shared with one of my roommates. I just wanted to go home. Then my dad got me into this apartment - my own apartment. I love it here and would never go back to losing my privacy again. This is the best!" - Herkimer Student

"Last semester I applied too late and all apartments were full. I rented with another landlord and it was not what he had promised at all. I paid him one semester upfront and the lease was for one schoolyear. After I moved in I never saw the landlord again. All my complaints went unanswered and nobody helped me. I broke the lease and moved in here this semester. What can I do, it was terrible there. This building is wonderful and my apartment is awesome! I am very happy now." - Herkimer Student

"This is my first semester and I love my apartment. The building is secure. I do my laundry in the building. Nobody bothers me in my apartment. And it's my own apartment. I have a friend who shares a house with 4 others and all she has is a little bedroom for herself. My other friends share an apartment and two people have to sleep in each bedroom. Their place is trashed constantly and nobody wants to clean up everybody's filth. I can honestly say that I love my apartment and the management is great." - Herkimer Student

We have also been home for numerous international students over the years
"Greetings from Herkimer"

"Viele Gre aus Herkimer"
"Muchos saludos desde Herkimer"