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Furnished Private Apartments
For area college students who want to live in their very own apartment quietly & peacefully, and NOT in traditional dorms or student housing.

Rules, Regulations & Expectations

Our apartment complex is a private gated apartment community and caters to the general public, including senior citizens, business professionals, and mature college students. We truly enforce the following simple rules so that everyone can enjoy their quiet, peaceful apartment. If you are a decent person ready to live on your own as an independent adult, you'll love living here and you will have nothing to worry about. Among some of the rules are:

- No Parties

- No Loud Music

- No Drugs
(we have a zero tolerance policy)

- No Drunken Behavior

- No Loitering In The Hallways

- No Disruptive Conduct

- Treat Everyone With Respect

- Quiet Hours Are From 10:00pm to 7:00am

- No Overnight Guests


- Do Not Turn Your Apartment Into a Hangout
Many of our tenants (including business professionals, senior citizens, and mature or returning college students tired of dorm-life) see our apartment complex as a safe haven from noisy and annoying neighbors. Our apartment complex and management team are arguably the best in the area, and some of your friends will see our apartments as so nice and spacious that they will want to "hang out" here all the time. We understand that everyone has friends, but do not let your friends use you, and use your apartment to make their hangout. Many people coming and going annoys our professional tenants, scares our elderly tenants, and brings back the "dorm-life experience" to those students who have moved in here to get away from that. If you want to have the "dorm-life experience" during your college years, this in NOT the place for you.

Our strict enforcement of these simple rules also ensures that you will not be bothered by your neighbors. If you are ready to live like a decent independent adult and like it peaceful and quiet, you will love living here and you will have nothing to worry about. However, if you have not matured and are not going to follow these rules, do not even bother to apply to live here because you'll just end up getting evicted and perhaps even arrested. Our state-of-the-art computerized video security system enables us to go back and review any complaints for the purpose of possible eviction and, if applicable, arrest. But for those of you who have matured and are ready to live quietly and peacefully in your own private apartment, this is the place to be because our enforcement of these simple rules helps ensure that every tenant has good neighbors, so that everyone living here (senior citizens, business professionals, and mature college students - including yourself) can enjoy a peaceful and quiet place to call home.

Please visit our main website so you can understand why we are so diligent about enforcing these simple rules (we are more than just apartments)