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Furnished Private Apartments
For area college students who want to live in their very own apartment quietly & peacefully, and NOT in traditional dorms or student housing.

General Information

Confucius would say:
"'Why pay $6000 or $8000 to share an apartment or a 'rooming-house' for an entire year, when instead you could have your own private apartment in a clean, quiet and secure environment, have your own bedroom, your own bathroom, your own living room, and your own kitchen, pay a fair monthly rent like a normal adult, have your utilities included, and have peace of mind knowing that you can stay as long as you want without having to commit yourself for an entire year?"

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Our private furnished apartments are the alternative to traditional college dorms or student housing. Our apartment complex allows Herkimer College students and Utica area college students to live in a private apartment by themselves, be treated as independent adults, and have the freedom to live here during vacations. This makes it perfect for mature area college students who wish to live quietly and peacefully on their own without the distractions of loud roommates or neighbors. It also makes it perfect for international students who wish to live independently.

Our building is clean, quiet, secure, and is located in a safe central downtown location on the corner of Prospect Street and Park Avenue. We have an ample parking lot, and the college shuttle-bus stop is only one block away. The complex is located downtown, across from the post office, and is also within a few blocks of banks, restaurants, shopping, the park, gyms, beauty salons, the public library, doctors, clinics, dentists, lawyers, churches, and much more.

Controlled Access Keeps Unauthorized People Off The Property

  • Residential Private Apartments

  • Total of 60 Units *

  • Quiet, Safe, Secured Building

  • Clean Indoor Corridors

  • Excellent Downtown Location

  • Quiet, Peaceful Living

  • No Parties / No Loud Music

  • Elevator Access

  • Computerized Video Security System

  • Laundry Facilities

  • Free Parking

  • On-Site Property Management Office

  • 1 Mile from The Herkimer College Campus

  • 1 Block from Herkimer College Shuttle-Bus Stop

  • Only a 12 minute drive to Utica

  • * Our private residential apartments are rented to the general public, including business professionals, senior citizens, and responsible Herkimer College students and Utica area college students who wish to live by themselves as independent adults in a secure, quiet setting. Our responsive and professional staff is always on hand in case of maintenance issues or emergencies.